September 27, 2017

A. Gymnastics EMOM:
16 mins
Odd min: 1st movement
Even min: 2nd movement

Pick 2 movements you want to work on. You’ll alternate between them each minute. This is a time to practice excellent form, it’s not a race for reps! 🙂

Choose 2 movements: ring dips, muscle up (bar or ring), pistol, handstand walk, handstand push up, pull up, chest to bar, ring row. Pick a progression that allows you to get practice in.

B. For total ‘Tabata Rounds’:
50 Calorie Row
50 Toes to Bar
We’ll be working on a tabata clock, so you’ll work for 0:20 and rest for 0:10. You’ll start on the row and follow this work/rest format until you reach 50 calories, then you’ll move to the toes to bar and continue following the work/rest clock. Your score will be the total number of rounds it takes you to complete the workout. The tabata clock will keep track of your rounds, so take note of the number on the clock after you finish your 50 toes to bar!