January 3, 2018

A. For Time:
50 DB Snatch (50/35 – alt arms)
100 Doubles (200 Singles)
40 DB Snatch
80 Doubles
30 DB Snatch
60 Doubles
20 DB Snatch
40 Doubles
10 DB Snatch
20 Doubles

B. 5 min banded hamstring curls

Box News:
Our nutrition challenge has started! Don’t worry, it’s not to late to sign up. We are following macros, so if you haven’t talked to Ashton for your numbers yet, get with her today. We are going to have weekly challenges to help you be successful during the challenge and after! This week’s challenge is to track your food. We want you to start getting in the habit of tracking and getting familiar with the app or style of tracking you choose. Your $40 fee and before pictures are due by Friday! Two winners will split the pot and both will get a one month free membership!