December 26, 2017

A. Find today’s 1RM Front Squat!

B. “True Grit”
For Time:
2,000 M Row
At the 1 min mark, begin “Death by Thrusters” (95/65)

With a running clock, start the row. At the 1 min mark get off the rower, do 1 thruster, then resume rowing until the 2 min mark. Do 2 thrusters, continue rowing until the 3 min mark, do 3 thrusters, etc. until the 2k row is complete.

*15 min time cap

Box News:
We are so excited for the 2018 New Year Challenge! It is going to be a bit different than we’ve done in the past, but it’s going to be fun! We’ll have a meeting Wednesday night at 7:15 (right after our last class) to go over all the details and answer questions.

Tuesday Dec 26: Normal
Sunday Dec 31: Normal 10am
Monday Jan 1: 8am and 5pm