December 21, 2017

A. Row, row, row
1 min work, 1 min rest
First work interval is 10/8 calories
Second work interval is 12/10 calories
Third work interval is 14/12 calories
-Continue adding 2 calories every “work” minute until you can’t complete it in the minute.
-Set the rower on a 1 min work/1 min rest program
-Push yourself to hit a number you’ve never hit in a minute before. You’ve got this!

B. Mobility/stretching/smashing
You know the drill. Don’t skip this! 🙂

Box News:
Holiday schedule
Dec 23: Normal 8am
Dec 24: Normal 10am
Christmas: Closed
Dec 26: Normal
Dec 31: Normal 10am
Jan 1: 8am and 5pm

Thanks so much for coming to the Christmas party!! You guys all mean so much to me and truly make this such an awesome community.