August 29, 2017 – AB Capone

“AB Capone”
Four Rounds for Time:
9 Rope Climbs
9 Deadlift (365/255)
27 Bar Facing Burpee
If you’ve got a 20# vest, wear it

You can choose to do this workout by yourself or as a team of 3 (each team member will do 3 rope climbs, 3 deadlift, but each teammate will do all 27 burpees each round). The team format is a little different than normal, so read below to get an idea of how it will work tomorrow. The coach will go over it with you all in class as well.

Our nation lost a Green Beret to the war in Afghanistan last week named Aaron Butler.

Aaron was one of the most passionate humans I’ve ever met. He took honor in his discipline and mental toughness. I’m sure he would thank his father for helping him develop these attributes. I remember him telling me about a rope his dad had hung from a tree in the backyard and from a young age he had to perform a number of rope climbs every day when his father got home before he could do anything else.

Aaron spent the entire 9 years of his adult life in the service of others. He enlisted his senior year of high school choosing to go to boot camp instead of participating in his class graduation ceremony. Aaron also served a 2 year church mission in Ghana Africa during his military service.

Aaron was only 27 years old when he died. May we always remember and strive to follow his example of selfless service.

– Words and Workout by Dayton Smith

‘Indescribably brave’: Monticello soldier’s family remembers the love, patriotism that defined his life > read more here

Team Workout Format:
This will be a waterfall style team workout. Partner 1 will start with their 3 rope climbs while the other two wait. Partner 1 can move immediately on to their 3 Deadlifts and 27 burpees, while partner 2 begins the rope climbs.  After Partner 2 finishes their 3 rope climbs, they will then move to the Deadlift. Partner 1 will stop and rest while Partner 2 does their deadlifts. Once done with deadlifts, they’ll both continue working on their burpees. Partner 3 will move to the Deadlift after their 3 rope climbs. Both Partner 1 and Partner 2 will stop their burpees while Partner 3 completes their deadlifts. Then they’ll all continue working on burpees. After Partner 1 has finished their 27 burpees, they’ll move back to the rope to begin the next round. The workout will continue in this order until all 4 rounds are completed.

Box News!
– We are having a mock lifting meet this Saturday at 9am! It will be structured like a regular lifting meet where you’ll perform the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk and you’ll get 3 attempts at each. Designing your own lifting uniform/singlet is highly encouraged as it will almost guarantee a PR in both lifts. AND – there will be a prize for the best singlet, so get creative!!

– End of Summer! I can’t believe the end of summer is here! After the lift meet, we’re going to have a gym get together! We’re open to suggestions on where you guys would like to go, so please give your input! We could head to Bear Lake and get paddleboards again, Hyrum Dam, a park… What’s your vote? We’ll definitely have food, games (spikeball anyone??), and lots of fun. Tell us where you would like to go and we’ll announce a firm location and time this week.